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Enter Fable Springs, Fable Springs Parables

Inviting Families to STOP for a Story . . .

In our rush-about world today, the family unit of parent, grand-parent, and child, find themselves fractured with the demands of 21st century living. Taking time to slow the pace and make a place for reading aloud together seems an archaic activity. But, it was once a normal part of family interaction in decades past. In slower days, novels and storybooks became precious moments and memories shared together.

Recapture the Simple Joys of Family Reading!

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To that end, the pleasures of picture book stories stir child-like wonder in young and old alike. Every age and culture have used words, images, and music to record their history. The fable and parable genres have been employed from earliest times as powerful tools of instruction, as well as entertainment. They captivate the imagination through metaphorical layers, challenging the mind while engaging the heart.

Through the power of story, Fable Springs Parables picture books and audio books are teaching and learning tools encouraging family literacy in the home, classroom, and discussion groups. All ages glean food for thought and wonder, as principles for life and living are given character and setting.

Imagination kicks into gear and the plot thickens when we identify with elements in the story, swept into the idyllic world of Fable Springs. Indelible marks are left upon us, an anchor to timeless life lessons. Thinking and reasoning skills are exercised through constructive family conversation, mulling over the story details using the challenging reflection and discussion questions at the end of each tale. We learn to read between the lines of story on the path to life application.

And it all begins when we enter the idyllic English country village of Fable Springs ~ where parables live!

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In Fable Springs You’ll Discover . . .

  • Visually inspiring Fable Springs Parables hardcover and paperback picture books in lush watercolor and ink!
  • Companion audio book CD’s featuring Irish fiddle tunes and the lilting voice of storyteller/author, Miss Kathy!
  • Layers of parable and metaphor engage the heart and mind of young and old!
  • Reflective Thoughts and Discussion Questions for follow-up conversation about important concepts!

Clothed in the raiment of fairy tale, folk tale, and nursery rhyme,

the stories told in Fable Springs Parables demonstrate life changing truths

through captivating word, music, and image.

Book1 takes place north of the Village Square on MacDonald’s Farm ~ Mother Chicken’s Eggs: Choosing to Grow into Greater Things ~ exploring the power of free will and that our choices have consequences.

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Book 2 takes place just west of the Village Square at BeeHaven Towers ~ Bugaboo-Bee’s Bop: Patience for the Prize ~ exploring how to develop sweet patience in the bitter seasons of growing through the ordered steps of our lives.

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Here’s a map to help you find your way around!

Fable Springs Parables Map

Which story would you like to explore first?

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